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Are you wondering how you can best support your partner in labour? It's normal for fathers-to-be to have their own worries about labour and how they'll fare in the role of birth partner. This relaxed and engaging workshop will transform your perception of labour and of your role in it. Research shows that when a mother is accompanied by a loving and supportive birth partner, her experience of labour improves significantly. You'll see why the birth companion is so important during childbirth and you'll learn how you can accompany your partner in a way that truly helps her to relax into her birthing. You'll gain a deep understanding of the physiological process of birth and of the hormones involved, and learn ways to keep the oxytocin flowing and the adrenaline at bay. Alongside some wonderful tools and practical tips, you'll also take away simple skills to help you transform any fears or anxieties, so that you can stay calm and connected throughout the birth. And, you'll understand how creating an intimate and empowering experience for both of you is a wonderful way to begin fatherhood. 

Topics the workshop covers:

  • The different roles of the birth partner

  • The physiology of labour and why hormones matter so much

  • How the way you accompany your partner will affect her labour

  • Mindful techniques to help you stay calm in all situations

  • Practical techniques to help your partner in the different stages of labour

  • How to advocate for your partner

  • How to communicate effectively in labour

  • How to prepare together for labour

  • The first weeks of parenthood




The Nest Family Club, 48 Cromwell Road

HOVE, East Sussex



Limited spaces


You totally changed my perception of childbirth. In fact I didn't realise how little I actually knew or understood about it. Knowing that I have a role to play that can be of genuine help to my girlfriend, and that I won't just be a spare part in the room feels really good. I'm excited for the birth!

I can't thank you enough. Pete was an amazing birth partner, and I've no doubt at all that the workshop played a big part in it. The birth was a lot longer than we'd anticipated and there was suggestion at one point to induce. Pete stayed really calm the whole time, even when I was finding it hard, and he was a brilliant advocate for me.

I'm so glad  I took this workshop. I had been feeling a bit nervous about how I'd do with everything as I tend to get quite anxious. But I feel much more confident now. Me learning about childbirth has also led to me and my wife talking a lot about the birth. I feel much more involved in it all. 

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