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Steve, US

"Our first birth was a difficult experience for both of us. In retrospect we were a bit naive and just followed what we were told to do. Polly was induced and had a very hard time. I was a bit clueless. I'm a calm person by nature, but I felt quite panicky and I forgot just about everything we did in the antenatal classes because it was just so intense. For our daughter's birth, Polly decided to take a Hypnobirthing course and we chose a different place for the birth. The course was brilliant for Polly and gave her a lot of confidence and techniques. I learned some really good tools for labor and I felt like I understood it all much better. There was a conversation around induction this time too because our daughter hadn't yet come at 41 weeks, but after the last experience, we asked to wait a bit longer, and luckily labor started two days later. It was a really different experience. I think that the second time is probably always easier. I feel like we just had a lot more knowledge and resources. So I was able to help Polly stay relaxed and she was absolutely amazing.'

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